BOOTLEG CHICK COMICS THEATER used to have a feature called CHICK COMICS THEATER that was one of the funniest things I have ever read but Jack Chick sued them and they had to remove it! It can be said that they were just exercising the right to parody, but because they didn't even try to fight it I guess we'll never know. I've tracked down all of the pages I could, but I think there are still a couple missing. Enjoy anyway.

I have not included the strip on angel tossing because that is still available at X-E.

A little background: Jack Chick is this nutty Christian (but not Catholic) cartoonist who prints up his own tracts--short 10-20 page pamphlets--about whatever he feels is not Holy. Inevitably the sinners either repent or get thrown into the fires of hell by a passing angel. No matter how minor the infraction, the people always end up doing hard drugs or getting AIDS before dying. Most of his work is available online for download at

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